My original inspiration for my abstract geometric pattern comes from this simple, yet mind-bending graphic. The multiple concentric angles make it hard to tell what faces are extending out of the screen towards you, and which faces are receding back in instead. I was able to recreate the shape of this, and assigned three different materials for the colors of the three separate faces.
Once I had recreated this design as the first step, the next step was to mess around with modifiers to create more unique abstract geometric scenes from the original reconstruction. In particular, I played around with the 'Cast' modifier, which changes the shape of the parent object to a sphere, cylinder, or cuboid, and casts the faces to the new object. The results can look pretty wacky, but when the numbers are tweaked just right, you get some interesting geometric patterns that derive from the original pattern shown to the right. All of the renderings presented below were taken with the same camera angle. The modifiers and the lighting were changed to create six very different renderings taken from the same perspective.
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