I've been living in a pile of junk for the past year and when I was drafting ideas for this project, I thought "Wow my room looks just like an episode of Hoarders!" and so began the plan to showcase the mess that has accrued over the past year.
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Google Drive  ... Unedited video clips and storyboard drafts
While I was filming and editing this video, I came to see that my messy room was actually just a mirror of my life in my Freshman year of college. Not only had I been putting off cleaning because I was so busy dealing with other issues that arose, I had been putting off other important items in my life because I could not figure out how to properly organize my time to be able to complete everything at once. This juggling act clearly wasn't working out, and seeing the state of my room from the perspective of a video was eye-opening.
My roommate confessed to me afterwards that he had not had to act at all during the video, but that he was glad to see me cleaning up after filming had concluded. I am glad that I was able to realize that I needed to clean up my room and my life in my Freshman year, otherwise I would have actually ended up on an episode of Hoarders.

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