Custom Switch
For my custom switch I decided to use a piece of copper tape along the side of the breadboard. With one wire connecting the Output from the Voltage Regulator to the copper tape, the other wire leading to the 100Ω resistor was left unconnected. To "turn the switch on", you merely had to touch that exposed wire to the copper tape to complete the circuit and turn on the LEDs.
Custom Enclosure
For my custom enclosure, since we were challenged to think outside the box, I chose to put my breadboard back in the box. The box that the breadboard was originally packaged in has a picture of the breadboard on it, so I thought it would be fun to create the illusion that the wires and LEDs were plugged into the breadboard depicted on the box. For the most part, I think the illusion works, and I implemented my custom switch on the side of the box too. Although the goal was to conceal all the wires in the circuit, I think leaving the wires exposed is integral to the cleverness of this enclosure.
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