My goal for this website is to turn it into a one-stop portfolio for all of the work and projects I create through TAM. This website was originally created for my Image class, and since then I have found it easy to simply add a new page for a new class to display even more of the work I create. The space theme for this website unifies each section while maintaining individuality by using different space-themed backgrounds depending on the class or project.
As for my future goals for this website, I would like to make sure that the work that I am presenting on here is my best efforts. For example, we didĀ five projects in Image, and I would say that I would only like three of those to be view-able, since the other two are sub-par by my standards. That is why I created a "Work" section which is currently empty. I plan on making that section the one stop on this web page where you can view all my greatest works from my various TAM classes, such as some p5.js projects that aren't featured elsewhere on this website.
By the time I graduate from CU Boulder and the TAM program, I would like this website to be less cluttered with assignments such as this manifesto. Any employer looking at my website will not gain any deeper knowledge about me from reading this manifesto, so assignments like this will be removed after I finish the class, so I can just focus on the projects in my portfolio that I want prospective employers to see.
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