We created The Door to be an adventure movie, in which a mild-mannered man named Barney one day discovers a secret door in his closet. When he steps through, he finds himself in a whole new world, full of magic, monsters, and fairies. Barney is presented with the ultimate choice: return to his boring life as a janitor, or choose to accept the quest before him and become the fabled chosen one that will save this magical world from ruin. What will Barney choose? Which side of the door will he stay on?
Design Choices
We chose to create an ambiguous name like The Door that would match with any theme of movie. When we found out our movie would be an adventure flick, we decided that we needed a critical "quest" component to incorporate into the poster design, such as a chest, a key, a map, a villainous lair, a sword, etc. 
The dot for our poster had to be the door because of the title, and we decided to keep what lies beyond it a mystery so that someone seeing those poster could project their own fantasies onto the blank white space behind the door. We ended up settling on using a key as the second focal object because of it's relationship to the door. However, since the key isn't in the traditional door-knob position, it exudes a greater air of importance that is intended to create a sense of mystery, and adventure.
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