I noticed an incredibly cheery atmosphere in the BTU during the hour that I was there. Everyone was focused on their own projects, yet when someone mentioned an issue they were having in a class they were taking, everyone who had already taken the class was ready with advice and help on hand. FInding a seat for myself in the BTU was hard because the tables were already cluttered with other people’s projects. I noticed that others struggled to find a clean workspace, and that highlights one of the main issues with the BTU. If someone doesn’t clean up their workspace after they leave, that workspace remains untouched and unused because people don’t want to just clean up another person’s stuff, especially when they don’t know if that person is coming back yet or not. 
Another factor that I noticed was that some of the BTU members were introverted, so they had their headphones in and sat in the corner of the table, away from most other people. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because it is okay to be introverted and to not be in the mood to socialize with others. However, speaking from personal experience, when I was first in the BTU and needed help, I felt shy around all the seniors who were clearly more knowledgeable than me, so I was scared to ask any of them for help for a while. This kind of social barrier between Seniors taking capstone projects and the Sophomore/Junior students who are less experienced or skilled could be an issue. 
The final big issue that I noticed was that it was very hard for BTU newcomers to find anything specific that they needed, such as a glue stick or even scissors. There are so many filing cabinets, drawers, and shelves in the BTU, that it can be daunting to try and find anything at all. I feel that the organization in the room could be greatly improved, which could also lead to it being easier for students to clean up their workspaces, thus solving two problems at once. The organization could be improved by labeling sections of drawers as a collective (Ex. Soldering, Sewing, Craft Materials, etc.) These signs would have to be large enough to be eye-catching, and could be designed to look interesting because the BTU is the hub for graphics design students after all.
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