For this assignment, I chose locations that I had strong memories associated with. I used to work at Target, and back when I used to get a 15% employee discount, I was shopping there quite often as well. There is a small little La Choza stand near my house and I have gone there on many, many bike rides starving and in need of good food. I would often go to my friend's house in The Hive off Baseline Rd. to work on homework and projects together. Finally, the ATLAS building is where I've spent countless hours working on assignments or spending my free time in between classes. 
For my models, I decided to go with a more basic and cubic approach to creating these buildings. There's a certain satisfaction in seeing all these geometric shapes line up properly in the Orthogonal perspective. Even though these buildings all arise from the same cubic shape, those cubes had to be stretched, edited, and scaled to create the proper shapes. The buildings are laid out almost like sections, where Target represents the retail and shopping area of the town. The two houses form the residential area, the ATLAS building for the educational aspect, and finally La Choza to provide much needed food.
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