When creating my particle system, I had originally planned on following the tutorial linked below. As I was following along, the tutorial had me set my particle system object to a cube, which would then be scaled down so it looked like a cosmic particle. I quite liked the look of the cubes as particles before they were scaled down, so I decided to deviate from the tutorial and to use the cubic nature of the particles as the focal point of my animation instead.
Once I had calibrated the settings of the particle system to have a satisfying animation and flow, I made several different variations of the animation using different shaders and angles. I added a "Wireframe" modifier that highlighted the vertices of the individual cubes, and used nodes in the "Shading" tab to apply a "Color Ramp" that gave the vertices random colors. 
​​​​​​​At first, I had colored in the rest of the cubes to achieve almost a trippy effect, but by messing around the "Transmission" values, I created a Tron style effect that appeared reminiscent of Infinity Rooms that are constructed with mirrors on all walls, the ceiling, and the floor. Finally, I experimented with several different camera angles before settling on my final animation which I uploaded to YouTube. I definitely plan on using this particle animation as inspiration for future abstract animations I will be crafting with Blender in the future.
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