When I first came up with the idea for Scissor Pong, I imagined a game where each player controlled two paddles. Each paddle corresponded with a blade of the scissors, and opening/closing the scissors would move the paddles up and down. I first coded this vision in Unity, but as I was testing it out with simple arrow key controls, something felt off. As I was imagining the pair of scissors moving in unison with the paddles, the scissors were never closing all the way. This was not what I wanted. I wanted to create a game where people would aggressively chop scissors at each other! 
After some brainstorming, I reinvented what the game space looked like. Instead of the traditional Pong paddles moving up and down, I created in-game scissors with blades that changed color. To encourage players to cut with the scissors more, I made it so you have to close the scissors to change the colors of the blade. So when you close the bottom blade and it's blue, it re-opens as red. The ball changes color when it bounces off the boundary walls. The bottom blade can only travel from the middle of the screen to the bottom, so you have to close the scissors constantly to change the right blade to the right color to hit the ball.
To measure the amount that the scissors were open, I attached a potentiometer to the central pin holding the two scissor blades together. This potentiometer communicated with an Arduino Uno that relayed Serial data to the Unity game. The problem that I didn't foresee, was that it was really difficult to glue the potentiometer to the scissor pin. The scissor pin was a brushed metal, which meant that adhesives didn't bond to it well. I tried using superglue, hot glue, epoxy resin, and epoxy putty, and none of them were able to keep the potentiometer adhered to the scissors. 
I need to sand the brushed metal surface of the pin, and find a way to better make the shape of the potentiometer slot into the scissor pin. This will give me a much stronger connection, and I'll be able to properly measure the values of how open and closed the scissors are.
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