In inspiration from the design of my creepy creature, I decided to create Jellicent from Pokémon because of its tentacles. I also think Jellicent reminds me of the Pringles guy which is why he is one of my favorite Pokémon. The sculpting process gets easier with each new sculpt that I make. When I made my gnome, the tutorial I was following told me to use the "Snake Hook" tool with "Dyntypo" turned on to build out the initial shape, yet I found that to be far more inefficient than when I used the "Draw" tool with "Dyntypo" turned off.  Having had experience with each of the tools, I now know which tools I prefer to use when sculpting. ​​​​​​​
Instead of blocking out the initial shape with a bunch of different ico-spheres and having to worry about their relative scale compared to each other, I chose to model the parts of Jellicent individually before combining them together in the end. This is because parts of the Pokémon were repeated, so it made sense to sculpt just one of them, before copy-pasting to get the rest. When my models were sculpted, I colored them using "Vertex Painting" due to their complex shape, and also because I really enjoy "Vertex Painting." The process feels like airbrushing, which can achieve layers that are much more difficult to accomplish with other forms of painting. Overall, I am very pleased with how my model came out. I think that it captures the overall look and presence of the Pokémon while still being its own unique 3D model.
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