I don't have a lot of experience with 3D modeling programs, which is why I was so interested in taking form. Originally I had used a program called Maya to try and sculpt a car, but my sculpt was mostly free-form, and it ended up looking like I could've made a more detailed car out of clay.
That is why I'm quite excited to use Rhino3D because it is much more math oriented, which allows me to make my models much more precise than I could have with Maya. I think the first project I would love to tackle with Rhino3D is to make a dice, because although a dice may just be a cube, you can make it much more complicated by rounding the edges and having the numbers inside the faces be inset just slightly to give the final 3D printed object a tactile way to recognize it as a die.
As for the class, I have yet to Form an opinion because the first week's lab assignment was quite easy to learn and accomplish, but I highly doubt that learning how to use Rhino3D will be as easy in the coming weeks. Overall though, I am very excited to see where this class takes me.
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